Central IL 
Summer Training

Mon & Thur
  800 N. Division, Chenoa, IL
See the Academy Page for info

2015 State 
Tournament !

  Peyton Lane 80# IESA State Champion (2x)
  Brandon Hoselton 130# Nov State Champion
  Cory Peterson 147# Sr State Champion (2x)
  Vincent Zerban 79# Nov State Runner Up
  Anthony Enlow 215# Nov State 3rd Place
  Dustin Olmstead
177# Nov State 4th Place      
  Matt Minick 66# Nov State 5th Place
  Logan Deacetis 101# Nov State 5th Place
  Josh Woodrey 177# Nov State 5th Place

 *We are a private program and reserve the right to refuse or eject any wrestler, parent, or spectator from the program

       King Xtreme Camp
      Sat June 27th
           Featuring ...
           Ryan King and Cornell Robinson

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